On February 15, 1945 a P51 crashed at the height of the Koningsoorddijk in the Konings polder. The aircraft was recovered and the pilot survived the crash.

The pilot has jumped near southern Beverland. His device was leaking cool liquid, he could not keep the device in the air.

He had taken off from East Wretham GB. The goal was Bohlen oil. He was an escort for bombers.

Oscar R.Mariano was the pilot

On a field along the stelleweg a focke-wulf 190 a 7 landed in a belly landing, the German pilot was wrong and was taken by his fellow fighters. This is about Huppertz The plane is salvaged.

Aces Of The Luftwaffe Herbert Huppertz
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On a field to the left of the main dyke at the Schenkeldijk exit a spitfire 4 crashed on 13 June 1943: Name of the pilot Sgt JEHall he was taken prisoner of war.

He was the wingman of a mission to Vlissingen. He was shot by a focke wulf 190. He was part of the 222 SQR and had taken off from Hornchurch. mil reg 60539

Halfway the post lane a Halifax 3 crashed on April 28, 1944. the crew of the halifax consisted of 7 men. a pilot a co-pilot, navigator, bomb adjuster, navigator / gunner and then 2 gunners. All crew members died.

The names of the crew members.

R.Earnshaw pilot.

J.Riordan bomrichter.

R.Samshow navigator 22 years old.

W. Madon radio telegraph. 22 years old.

W. Pullen-tail shooter. he was 24 years old.

JHMurphy - dome shooter 20 years young ..

They had left for an unclear reason but with 6 crew members where normally 7 crew members flew.

5 november 1943 in de vlucht haven aan dintelsas neer geschoten door artelerie vuur een P 47 

 piloot : J.Haker : overleden na de crash.

Zijn lichaam is 2 dagen later aangespoeld aan de dijk langs het volkerak.

Several planes have been shot down above the volkerak by the guns of the occupiers, these are not reported and therefore unknown.

Parallel to the sas dike A Glider made a belly landing. This happened on September 17, 1944. The crew jumped before the crash. 

Pander EG, one and a half dekker, designed by Messrs Slot and Lefebure. Built by H.Pander and Zonen NV in The Hague. The crash at Dinteloord

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  • Description  Pander EG, one and a half dekker, designed by Messrs Slot and Lefebure. Built by H.Pander and Zonen NV in The Hague. The crash at Dinteloord
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B 24 crashed on 22 February 1944 on the current bunts at the volkerak pilot Ingram.

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on 1 January 1945 a Messerschmid BF109 crashed near the first Way of the Cross.

The pilot with the appropriate name Braband was brought down by allied fire. Braband left the plane in a timely manner with a parachute. He was made prisoner.

His target was Deurne near Antwerp. He had taken off in Dortmunt.

Mil regnr 68417/640